Welcome to the channel of matchmaking company PRIME - https://prime-match.com/. In this video we talk about attitude of Ukrainian fathers to their children after divorce with Ukrainian lady, legal aspects of travelling with a kid after divorce and the difficulties (and solutions) that can appear when dating Ukrainian lady with a kid.

Father is one of the most important figures in life and fate for a child. Despite the fact that fathers spend less time at home than mothers, less often they talk “per capita” with children, they have a great influence on the psychological and moral development of a son or daughter. In raising a child, they cannot be replaced by anyone or anything.

Citizens under the age of 16 leave Ukraine with the permission of both parents and accompanied by them or by persons authorized by parents who, at the time of leaving Ukraine, have reached 18 years old.Citizens under the age of 16, accompanied by persons authorized by both parents, shall depart from Ukraine by the notarized permission of both parents, indicating the country of destination and the corresponding time interval in that state. Have you ever faced any difficulties dating Ukrainian bride with a child from previous marriage? Share your stories and possible stories of success. It will be very useful for other subscribers too!
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